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To best replicate the "Gibson PAF", guitarists should put a '57 Classic in the Neck and Bridge positions. The pickups are also wax-potted. Which set do you prefer and why. Next Last. Also, I don't know if the … '57's are definitely not a … I assumed they were A5 like the Duncan '59. The 490R/490T sound identical to the 57s to my ears and I know many musicians who agree. I personally think they are the same. I LOVE the 490R, one of my favorite neck pickups. I always heard that the Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro was based on the Gibson '57 Classic pickup. My 2 pennies. Posts: 762. There's more depth and personality there. As has been mentioned previously in this thread, … The JB is just great. I'm having a 57+ installed on my 335 right now. I have this set up in a LP Standard 2001---best guitar made in years but that is another review. Joined: Dec 27, 2007 Location: Estonia. crazytrain513 Senior Member. 1 of 3 Go to page. I would expect the + to have a higher resistance. Gibson 57 Classic / Classic Plus vs Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico II Pro Set - Duration: 3:59. The 490T came stock in my 1990 Gibson Les Paul Studio. If your looking for more bite why don't you try a stronger magnet like an Alnico 5. I also have a couple 57+ and I am not a real fan....different feel, too much edge for me. It's a good thing this thread was brought back from the dead to spread confusion. First post. Well if I can chime in with my 2 cents .The Gibson 57 Classic pickups ARE marvelous and they live up to all the great reviews that they have acquired. Attempting to verbally describe the difference in sound which these differences give rise to is a hilarious business. 1 available for $89. The guy that has it now is more into the heavier stuff/shredding and he even likes them for that. It features special Alnico II magnets, vintage enamel coated wire, nickel-plated pole pieces, nickel slugs, maple spacers and two conductor braided wiring. I have a few 57 Classics and they can sound decent in the right guitar. There are currently no reviews for this product, be the first to write one! It's sounds more aggressive than a regular 57. Based on what I've read so far, I was kind of expecting that Abraxas would be what I was looking for - since it's been described as a PAF on steroids (or something along those lines). Go. It's treble and high treble at that when you're discussing fundamentals from a musical instrument. I have a chambered LP with a 57 in the neck and 57+ in the bridge....the 57+ has a lot more edge and treble output and will make you use your tone control....It works well in the middle position I like the extra thing it has mixed with the neck PU. The perfect bridge-position companion to the '57 Classic. 57' Classic vs Burstbucker Pro's. I tried a traditional plus and a traditional pro to get an idea in the difference in tone between the 57 classic + (trad plus) and the Burstbucker 3 (trad pro). Also when I play a riff like Ace of Spades on the Low E and A strings it gets a bit lost and doesn't cut through at all. crazytrain513 Senior Member. And I'm very happy with it! Still the difference in the tonal range with the tone knobs was very good. Which one of these pickups would be more aggressive/cutting/bright the specs on both are extremely close 1 Quote; Share this post. Took the plunge and installed 57 Classic (neck) and Classic Plus (bridge) on both of my ES-137s, replacing the stock 490R/498T combos. 2. Gibson 57 Classic plus vs Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Sign in to follow this . The Gibson Classic 57+ has just the right abount of output to push your wood and allow articulation. This treatment gave the pickup … They are pretty classy but had that extra heat that went to write rock and roll history. It is Hot with scooped mids and great bass and treble. My 8.8k 57+ has more bite in the upper mids than a regular 57 (in the 8.0-8.3k range), with less treble extension/air. I'd consider anything under 8.5 or so a regular 57. Took the plunge and installed 57 Classic (neck) and Classic Plus (bridge) on both of my ES-137s, replacing the stock 490R/498T combos. In this video i compare Gibson's Burstbucker 1 and 57 Classic neck pickups. This comparison is between a Gibson 57 Classic (Gibson 57 Classic Neck 860-15003-L 04/09/15) and a stock Epiphone PAF style humbucker (Epiphone Neck PB2NHBN-4 2013/05) edit: it's called an "Epiphone ProBucker-2" out of a Florentine Les Paul. First, the ’57 … 3:59. Go. Anyone else find this a little troubling? Bartolini 57CBJD L1/S1 Classic American Standard 5-string J-Bass Pickup Set 5-String Passive Dual-coil (Humbucking) American Standard or Deluxe V style J-Bass Bridge/Middle Replacement Pickup Set $168.00. Amazing! But I guess that I could ask for an overwound Mule to get that (a hotter PAF sound). As several people have reported here, Gibson at times has been QC deficient in that a 57/57+ set has actually been two 57's when metered. It's the Young Gun versus The Legend! I found the 57 classic + to be warm and thick and the burstbucker to be thinner and more aggressive. However, back in the day no pickups were ever made to that exact spec; the technology of the ’50s and early ’60s meant that the two coils … 4. They sure as heck sound the same. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Joined Jan 2, 2009 Messages 25 Reaction score 10. Joined: Dec 27, … A traditional pickup wind in the neck position provides plenty of warmth and clarity, and in the bridge position, slightly over-wound coils in the '57 Classic Plus offer wailing lead tones. For more modern sounds, the '57 Classic in the neck can be paired with the '57 Classic Plus in the bridge. The 57 Classic pickup is very similar to the original PAF specs, however, the coils are evenly wound to give them a rich, balanced tonal output that the original winding machines could not achieve. Gibson IM57R-GH '57 Classic Humbucker Neck Pickup. I have heard just about everything pickup wise and these are some of the best out there, they ARE simply incredible. All three positions sound great, too. Aug 7, 2008 #9 The Gibbie 57 in the neck is wee bit warm but it's a nice singing warm. ), the other says 57+ for the bridge. Gibson 490T Modern Classic Humbucker Bridge Double 2016. Micro Alnico II by Gibson, the difference with the Classic 57 is that the normal model "Plus" has more winding, we find this microphone on a lot of bridge Les Paul Traditional, it has a very … At the same time fully strummed … A Classic '57 Plus is a slightly hotter pickup than a regular Classic '57 (just a few extra turns). Six-String Samurai 200,138 views. Gibson '57 Classic Plus Nickel Chrome Humbucker Pickup is my favorite pickup across the board. How do they both compare to the 57 Classic or 57 Classic+? The Les Paul Traditional 2016 T's foundation is the same traditional tonewood combination that helped make the Les Paul a legend when it was introduced six decades ago. They are what is in this guitar........neck position Gibson 57 Classic, Bridge position Gibson 57 Classic "Plus".With the 5 way switching in this guitar coupled with the coil tapping abilities you have a ton of great sounds available to you. But that extra midrange seems a hair smeary, compared with the … It is actually for both. I put a Classic 57 in the neck spot a Classic 57 Plus in the bridge position, and now I'm kicking myself 100 times a day for not doing it sooner. J. JamminJeff Member. Gibson pickups: 57 classic, neck position, 57+ bridge position. It's hard to fault these for use in any genre of electric guitar playing,I play mostly Jazz and Fusion with elements of rock and blues thrown in,and these ARE sterling grade,I would recommend them with a thumbs up...............WAY up! 57+ is a great, slightly hot PAF style pickup. This is what our ears are responding to more that the single trace. The 57 will easily push my JCM800, Soldano Avenger, CAE OD100 or Bogner Shiva anniversary into overdrive. I decided to upgrade my 2012 (the 2011 had ProBuckers) Epi ES339 to the '57 Classics. There's more depth and personality there. My favorite combonation is 57+ bridge and 57 neck. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. JavaScript is disabled. Then again, the 57 Classic Plus … The JB takes to pedals well and still response well to Volume Roll. Amazon prices are MUCH lower … Meter-Based Electrical Measurements Gibson 57 Classic (Gibson 57 Classic … The Classic + measures 8.05K ohms - The Gibson product page says these are 8.3 K-ohms. Gibson IM57P-ZB '57 Classic Plus Humbucker. The 'Plus' is made with extra windings, hotter signal, more output yet retains that classic tone and sensitive touch response and feel. It features special Alnico II magnets, vintage enamel coated wire, nickel-plated pole pieces, nickel slugs, maple spacers and two conductor braided wiring. Classic rock/blues rock is more my … This treatment gave the pickup slightly higher output without sacrificing its rich vintage tone, which helped overdrive tube preamps to a smooth level of saturation without becoming overpowering. I hear the plus as hitting hard in the 2K range. All three positions sound great, too. I just traded an '07 Classic Custom with '57 classics and I loved them. The Gibson '57 Classic Plus Pickup mimics those late-1950s humbuckers that received a few extra turns of wire. Thread starter crazytrain513; Start date Sep 13, 2014; 1; 2; 3; Next. 9:43. I recorded before and after clips and spliced them together. I already own one BKP pickup, an Alnico V Warpig in a Gibson SG. You could even try an Alnico 8 which is between a Alnico 5 and a Ceramic magnet. It should give that bridge pickup a brand new growl. Discussion in 'Just Pickups' started by telbert twang, Feb 24, 2009. It's hard to tell much by simple frequency response - ever notice how similar guitar speakers look on their frequency graphs? Feb 24, 2009 #1. telbert twang Tele-Holic. I'm surprised to hear the Classic '57s are A2 - the ones I've tried always had quite a tight/harsh tone to them. Gibson 57 Classic plus vs Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. Shop for the Gibson '57 Classic Plus Pickup in Gold and receive free shipping and guaranteed lowest price. Next Last. How many is too many. Messages 3,036. That little extra midrange gives you something … The hollow body guitar tends to add a nice little bit of warmth to that 490T midrange growl. Thread starter 1956tvmodel; Start date Jan 6, 2009; 1956tvmodel Junior Member. Gibson IM57B-DB Burstbucker Type 2. If you measure it with a more complex system like an FFT analyzer you will see the resonance and certain frequencies. The Gibson '57 Classic Plus Pickup mimics those late-1950s humbuckers that received a few extra turns of wire.

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