hospital pharmacy technician vs retail

December 8, 2012. In most cases, a large portion of the medications provided are solutions to be administered intravenously. Online Training Available For Hospital vs Community Pharmacy Technicians Now the reverse of this is being seen. Hospital pharmacy technicians fill high-volume prescription orders in hospitals, under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Some states vary the ratio by institutional (e.g. The lack of past experience in a hospital pharmacy setting doesn’t help. Retail Pharmacy Technician Job Description . In order to prepare these solutions, the technician must have a firm grasp on aseptic technique. Pharmacy Technician PRN Retail Pharmacy Resume Examples & Samples Assist the Pharmacist in the prompt and accurate processing of physician's orders to facilitate computer order entry and printing of medication/sterile products labels and reports from the hospital main frame as needed for patient care Dispensary Assistant Vs. Pharmacy Technician. I thought it would put in my 2 cents on the comparisons of working hospital vs. retail pharmacy, as I have done both, each for a significant period of time. This position is located at Phoenix Children's Hospital Retail Pharmacy Technician Cardinal Health is looking for a highly motivated technician to work in a retail contract pharmacy. Depending on your work setting, your duties may vary, however understanding all the duties of a pharmacy technician, irrespective of the workplace, are imperative to your career. The role of a pharmacy technician in an institutional or hospital setting may be slightly different than a retail technician. Clinical pharmacists and hospital pharmacists are both involved in providing medication to patients. The prescription is either called in verbally, electronically prescribed, or written. As a retail pharmacist, you are in charge of ensuring the safe dispensing of medications to patients pursuant to a prescription. Let me say first, I am not a high-powered 'clinical pharmacist' -- my first years in hospital were pretty much in the basement processing orders and doing a lot of troubleshooting by phone. In both these settings, as a pharmacy technician, you will be working under a licensed pharmacist. Community or retail pharmacies is where the majority of jobs are being advertised. Learn More There are several reasons for this. In this article, we will analyze the similarities and differences between retail and hospital pharmacy. Super easy, hope you enjoy the video. Hey guys!! The Pharmacy Assistant/ Technician is a key team member in marketing a customer-focused service. The average hourly pay for a Hospital Pharmacy Technician is $16.92. You could become a senior pharmacy technician, responsible for the work of other technicians. ... the hospital, it was found that pharmacist medication review, patient counseling, and phone follow-ups were linked to a lower rate of preventable adverse drug events 30 days after hospital discharge.3 Working in a hospital is radically different than working in a retail pharmacy setting. community) pharmacy practice, while others do not regulate pharmacist-to-pharmacy technician ratios at all. In addition, services are provided to Hospital staff and to patients of the Hospital’s specialty clinics and the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre. One thing I can tell you-- pay is much higher working as a tech in a hospital pharmacy vs. retail. A chief pharmacy technician is responsible for the day-to-day management of a pharmacy department. He attended pharmacy school in Connecticut and now lives in Massachusetts with his wife and 4 kids. Hospital pharmacists historically were paid salaries that were lower (sometimes significantly) when compared to the salaries for retail, community, independent and chain store pharmacy positions. The Role of a Pharmacy Technician in Hospital Settings. The Jobs of a Pharmacist: Hospital vs. Retail . Yes, there are many other options as well. In the United States, the regulation of the pharmacist-to-pharmacy technician ratio is regulated at the individual state level. hospital) pharmacy practice versus retail (i.e. Specialty vs. Retail Pharmacy 4 Key Differences between Retail and Specialty Pharmacies. And even for some pharmacists with more hospital pharmacy experience than others, there is literally next to no chance of sealing a permanent job. Hospital vs. retail I'm just about to enroll in a 5 month course for Pharmacy tech. I was just wondering which setting is better for a new pharmacy technician and what it is like to work in both positions.

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