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Even if you don’t understand a lot of it, focus on understanding the major themes or the gist of the piece. Your email address will not be published. Here are great websites for listening to Portuguese from Portugal and/or Brazil: 13 languages – 6882 mp3 French. 13. In just minutes you’ll start memorizing core Brazilian Portuguese words, form sentences, learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese phrases and take part in conversations. Keep it up for a year, along with your other portuguese studies, and your listening comprehension will improve dramatically. The course, along with other Michel Thomas Method programs, sells itself as an audiobook without the standard bookish conventions. I am learning European Portuguese and before I discovered your website I was really struggling to find reliable resources. Pingback: Listening skill - strategies and ideas - Portuguese With Luciana, I’ve been studying Portuguese for 5 years and I’ve been to Brasil 16 times and I have been practicing every day for 1-3 hours for 2 years with my Brasilian girlfriend that only speaks Portuguese but I still can’t converse or understand what people are saying. Yes thats exactly what i was thinking, I can read, write and even speak one to one with a person in portuguese as long as they go slowly, but listening to other peoples conversations and quickly translating them back to english or even just making sense of it in portuguese and digesting whats being said, is a lot more difficult to master. has hundreds of podcast-style audio lessons that provide excellent listening practice. Living dialogue is a great way to learn how to start/carry on a conversation and also to learn the pronunciation of Portuguese words. 697 Resources. Another thing to consider is that some regional accents are easier than others to understand. If you know the stories quite well this is going to be a treat, as the sense of familiarity will greatly help you expand your Portuguese vocabulary. Born in Portugal, it is now the primary language in Brazil and used in several African countries. Access it here: It’s easier to stay focused when you find media that appeals to your other interests. Then listen to the whole thing again a third time, without stopping. Hi! I just got done with all the Pimsleur lessons and have been floundering on what to do next to continue learning. Listen to Carioca Connection: Brazilian Portuguese Conversation. This will help me lots as I look for new ways to learn how to listen better. 1590 Resources. National Geographic hosts a large channel of music videos by Brazilian MPB/pop artists. ClicaBrasil (see my review), is designed for intermediate students and features a comprehensive set of exercises, readings, videos and grammar instruction. Non parlô portuguesê egô mesmo, ma mì place multo opportunitatês de audire, appréndere, et compréndere vostra linguâ. Chico, Caetano, and Jorge in particular produced a number of classic albums in the 1970s that defined the sound of MPB. Even if you have a great vocabulary, there’s something about sitting down and writing on a topic that makes you realize how many words you still don’t know. Lots of great stuff on your site. It’s definitely ok if you don’t understand every word. I wanted to let you know that I remixed all the University of Texas Videos and put them on a separate site ( 6. If you find yourself in Portugal it is always polite to say “Hi” every morning … Ideally, it would be something just a little more advanced than where you are now, though in practical terms it is hard to find resources for every stage of learning, particularly for beginners. You’ll already know the gist of what’s being said, it’s just a matter of hearing it in the language you’re learning. Thank you very much for your dedication to helping people like myself learn Portuguese. O i ça a conversa e de cida qu ais são as vantagens e as desvantagen s da e nergia solar. Learn Portuguese online with Rocket Portuguese and get your point across when traveling to Brazil! 9. I had an intense day with PortuguesePod101, listening to intermediate season 1 lessons 5, 7, 13 and 14, and upper beginner season 2 lesson 22. Música popular brasileira (MPB) is a genre of music written by Brazilian artists from the late 1960s up to the present. As a next step, sign up for our completely free, lifetime trial to unlock 6 full Portuguese lessons. If you want to speak with your Brazilian or Portuguese neighbor, friend, or business associate, knowing the basics of Portuguese can help. 7. But the good news is that those words you end up looking up and then actually using in your writing – they stick with you, far more than words you encounter when reading. Espero que essa informação ajude vocês. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. Now that we’ve brushed up on the basic know-how, here are some great resources to get you ready to listen. All of my classes have been in English because I don’t understand enough Portuguese yet. Thanks so much for this resource. After finishing a test, you can review your answers. Occitan. Keep looking for new audiobooks and enjoy getting to know all the Portuguese language essentials through this powerful learning tool. BBC Brasil also has world news videos with very clear speakers. = Good morning. A subscription is required to access most of the upper level content. Then I have to translate the answer into Portuguese to reply. Choose below the language you would like to listen to or use the browser on the right-hand side. 1037 Resources. Português com Humor is a podcast/blog that advanced students might enjoy, though it isn’t designed specifically for PLE (português como língua estrangeira) learners. Thanks for taking the time to synthesize this information! English. Russian. Podemos fazer uma troca, eu te ajudo com o português e você me ajuda com o inglês, beleza? It prevents me from using the words that I have learned. For me, the listening side is the hardest but I think there is plenty on this site that is useful. It’s important to realize that listening, like any other part of language learning, requires regular practice. They don’t not know how to train Portuguese pronunciation. It comprises nearly seven hours of advanced Portuguese audio lessons, plus review tracks and dialogue tracks that encourage interactive practice. My third year now studying the language and I can read it best, followed by speak it but my listening is really below standard. One great way to slow down recorded speech to an intelligible level is to use software like the Amazing Slow Downer (very simple to use, but costs $50 for the desktop version or $15 for the iPhone app) or Audacity (more complicated but free), which can slow down the speed of any audio file without changing the pitch. I’ve recently found to be super helpful. Há alguns bons sites para escutar Português do Portugal e/ou Brazil: They are both extensions of the website,, where you can listen to radio stations from many countries. FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. This resource is especially useful if you’ve got a trip coming up where you’ll need to use your Portuguese skills. 499 Resources. They’ll help you attain full comprehension and hone your memorization skills as you play back different passages you didn’t quite understand. The Semantica Series 1 and 2 videos are great practice for beginner and intermediate/advanced speakers, respectively. As its title (which translates to “A Collection of Brazilian Tales”) suggests, this audiobook is a compilation of 15 short stories by various authors. Luiz Vaz de Camões is one of Portugal’s highest regarded poets, commonly compared to classic literary geniuses like Shakespeare and Dante. Each course module begins by introducing five key words and phrases before closing in on basic vocabulary and syntax conventions. Italian. This is an amazing website. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Learn Brazilian Portuguese with real-life conversations that you'll never find in classrooms or textbooks. Anyway, thank you for this extremely helpful website! thank you sooooo much for this article. I also had an instant tutoring session with a Brazilian Portuguese community tutor on italki for 30 minutes (I love these instant tutoring sessions!). Even if you’re not familiar with the tales, you can use the English language stories as a reference whenever you get stuck, as they’re readily available for online reading. "Learn Portuguese - Listening And Speaking" is one of PORO’s ongoing apps for self-learners who want to speak Portuguese easily and effectively. Another good site for português language learning is the defense institute foreign language center – DFLIC. Here are some resources that I have personally used: 1. The Brazilian airline TAM has some good videos about air travel on youtube. The site wwiTV has 64 different Brazilian stations you can watch. ... HelloTalk is a language-exchange software that connects you with users from across the globe, getting you to listen and speak with Portuguese natives. I has lots of languages, not just português, and it has levels that can be focused on semantics, listening. Love your site! With all that in mind, here are some course options for auditory learners: Created especially for time-crunched beginners, this audio course is divided into 12 units that cover all the European Portuguese essentials. Many learners can ler Play normal audio read Portuguese, but when a native actually speaks to them, they freeze up when they can't entender Play normal audio understand anything that's being said! Listen to it while you’re driving or doing chores around the house and make sure to repeat back the essential phrases so that you’re getting pronunciation practice. Keep it up! The Portuguese language lesson offered here is an excerpt from Transparent Language's Portuguese software program. The Basic Portuguese Phrases and the Portuguese Phrases for Meeting and Greeting will lead you to the Portuguese Dialog at the end, which shows how these survival phrases are used in conversational Portuguese. As you listen, you can discover how much audio you can handle in a single sitting without getting lost or overwhelmed, which will give you a clear sense of how ready you are for real-life Portuguese conversation. At some point, you’ll need to progress and learn how to construct sentences yourself. There are two reasons for this: They don’t understand why training Portuguese pronunciation is important. Now it’s time for us to close this auditory chapter! Obrigada Paolo! Here, you have the possibility to meet native speakers wanting to learn english. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240), Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book. For all these reasons, I think MPB music is a great vehicle for learning Portuguese, as well as quite beautiful in its own right. 8. This is a great help – been speaking the language for 6 years now and I still have problems with listening comprehension, especially with Brazilian clients. 225 Resources. If during a conversation it’s important to not worry too much about making mistakes, then during writing it’s important to pinpoint those places where you think you might make a mistake and do your best to resolve it. Sou brasileiro e nativo da língua portuguesa. Look up important words that you don’t know. What preposition do I use with this verb? Find the ones that appeal to your interests and commit to actively listening to one thing every day. Much like English speakers, Brazilians also tend to clip off the ends or beginnings of words (Witness how “Você está indo para o mercado?” becomes “Cê tá indo pro mercado?” or how “Deixe eu ver” becomes “Xô ver”). Experience language immersion onlinePortuguese Coming Soon! Makes for phenomenal listening practice for intermediate to advanced students. *Me desculpa se meu Português não é correto. Not only because it allows you to watch Brazilian TV (having lived in Santa Catarina for three months, I’d recommend the ARTV channel), but also because it provides access to the Portuguese channels as well. If you’re just starting to learn Portuguese, these resources could be a good place to start. But your literary listening journey is only just beginning. I hope this helps. Part of a well-known immersion software series, “Perfect Portuguese” is a fully audio-based option for advanced learners. Click here to get a copy. I’ve had my hearing tested and it is only a little bad at the high frequencies. Interactive with native content for listening. Carioca Connection is the best way to learn about Brazil, Brazilian culture and Portuguese, while having fun at the same time. During a face-to-face conversation, sometimes the magic key is simply to ask a speaker to slow down. The Conversations in Spanish & Other Languages Podcast. Now that you’ve got all the right learning tools up your sleeve, it’s time to move on to the kind of books Portuguese speakers enjoy themselves. Tenho 15 anos. There’s no need to own the book to access the clips. Also check out their video archive of Portuguese Communications Exercises. 421 Resources. You really should try this radio station: Thanks to your website, I purchased the Michel Thomas Total and Perfect Portuguese, which I enjoyed thoroughly and found them very helpful. The courses are designed to be flexible enough that anyone can work out the language patterns for themselves and personalize their learning to suit. Não é minha primeira língua. But when I would meet a Brazilian from São Paulo or Curitiba, it was like they spoke a whole different language, one which I could actually understand and converse with them in. Thanks to the web, there’s more ways than ever to practice listening when you don’t have a native speaker available. You can listen to audiobooks any time, and as often as you wish. The speakers have various accents but they tend to speak clearly, and you can turn on Portuguese subtitles on the youtube versions. The audio in this app is recorded by a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese. can take anywhere. Mondly gets you started with a basic Portuguese conversation between two people. Let Mondly teach you the Brazilian Portuguese language quickly and effectively. Thanks for subscribing! Truly a win-win situation. At first I didn’t think this would be terribly useful to me, but while browsing the list of recorded texts, it occurred to me that this is actually an amazing resource for listening practice! You may also feel your motivation to learn rise as you become accustomed to listening to Portuguese and gradually start to listen to longer and longer audiobook chapters. If you don’t have any portuguese-speaking friends or teachers handy, an indespensible book to have on hand is Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar by John Whitlam, which is one of my Top 10 resources. ‎The Portuguese Lab is your one-stop podcast to learn European Portuguese (from Portugal). Also, don’t be surprised to hear more American music than Brazilian music on many FM stations. So listen up on how audiobooks can boost your Portuguese. While there’s undoubtedly value in being able to communicate in your target language, to speak well, you need to know how to listen well.. This is classic European Portuguese literature at its finest. Free and easy to use! Learn how to speak Portuguese with lessons, audio and video, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and tests. Podia falar mais devagar, por favor?” Why not “entendo” instead of “entendi”? You can listen to almost any Brazilian radio station streaming online, either from their website or via an iphone app like Radio X3. Gratias. Intermediate students can read the text while listening to the audio, which is a great way to build comprehension. No conversation … Where else can you browse a large list of recordings in Portuguese, spoken slowly and clearly by native speakers, with a perfect transcript available (perfect since the speakers are reading the text word for word)? That means there are almost always new, high quality lessons for you to dive into. 1060 Resources. There’s also a 200-page ebook for text-based lessons, so you get a well-rounded learning experience. The intermediate level lessons contain dialogs that are presented at normal speaking speed and at half speed, followed by an explanation of the vocabulary and the grammar in English. The anchor and reporters all speak fairly clearly. Podia falar mais devagar, por favor?” is a great phrase to have ready on the tip of your tongue. Listen online to Portugal radio stations including Radio Onda Viva, Radio Digital FM, 94.8 Rádio Festival, Radio Santiago, Radio Orbital and many more. Let us know what you find to be useful. You can listen to the hole programming online on this site: When you ask Brazilians to speak more slowly and clearly, you’ll be amazed how much more you understand. Try to find videos and films with subtitles (legendas) in Portuguese, not English. Any ideas? Im impressed see how much people want to learn my language,im Fabricio Paquete,im from Sao Tome and Principe.I know speak fluent Portuguese cause my country was colonized by Portuguese.Speak Portuguese is easer than you think.Ali em cima tem todas as ferramentas para aprender qualquer idioma sem excessão.Este post é muito explicito.I greating you all. *My apologies if my Portuguese isn’t correct, as it isn’t my first language. The tale, originally published in 1544, is told from a woman’s point of view, following different storylines that are interconnected by a common thread of heartbreak and suffering. As you work out the phrases, write them down and try to create a transcription. You have the choice between a traditional textbook accompanied by three audio CDs, or the full audiobook version. This is extra frustrating because even if you know all the words a speaker is using, you could wind up not recognizing them in practice. You’ll probably find that you understand some speakers easily but with others you can’t understand a word they’re saying. The linked audiobook version is narrated by a Brazilian Portuguese speaker. Portuguese. Check out the TED Talks São Paulo videos for listening exercises on some fascinating topics. These audio courses are all designed with Portuguese learners in mind, and will take you on a guided path to increase your proficiency level. The more you listen, the better you’ll get at picking out the words you know. This might seem like an unusual suggestion, but I’ve noticed that Brazilian women often speak more slowly, and they intonate more — sometimes a lot more. The philosophy behind this course is “stress-free audio learning.” You’ll be listening in on a recorded classroom environment, learning with “virtual” students as they’re guided through the basics of Portuguese. LET’S START LEARNING TO SPEAK SPANISH LIKE A NATIVE SPEAKER! There are only a few words that I know well enough that I don’t have to translate them in my head. Wow, almost a year without anyone answering my question. You’ll also get pretty good at catching the gist of a story without knowing every single word. These English listening comprehension tests will test your ability to understand short conversation in English - very hard level. Directions: You will hear some conversations between two people. You can start your day with an audiobook course and end it with classic love poems. Great article! I’ve never had problems learning anything before so I think I’m doing something wrong with the way I’m going about it. The audiobook, narrated entirely by Brazilian Portuguese speakers, is the first installment of a three-volume series (for those who’re interested, here’s where to find volume two and volume three). This book is entirely dedicated to Aesop’s classic tales and the morals behind them. It begins with a 13-minute section that introduces listeners to Aesop’s life and work, then follows on to the author’s renowned fables. É uma língua mundial de verdade. Writing for me is one of the most fulfilling ways to study portuguese, because it’s where I get to spend time really engaging productively with the language. Intermediate learners will focus on picking out phrases, and then entire sentences. Ainda não é tão popular como o espanhol, mas tem *muita* interesse em português aqui nos EUA, Gabriella! There are about 200 recordings available as I type this. 3. The aforementioned Cultura Brasil has great tv segments, but I also particularly like Globo Rural, which has hundreds of news segments on environmental and agricultural issues from the rural parts of Brazil, as well as tasty recipes. É tão incrível! Brazilian radio djs tend to speak very fast and colloquially, so it might be a challenge to keep up. Whatever you listen to, chances are your headphones are mostly playing audio in your native language, right? I personally enjoy listening to Rádio Cultura, part of the wonderful Cultura Brasil family, which has interviews and music segments featuring Brazilian musicians and artists in all styles. They’ll give you some useful phrases that you can use at the supermarket, when asking for directions, etc. I notice the one you linked for “Ponto de Encontro” had audio with questions, but I couldn’t find anywhere with the answers to check I was doing it correctly.

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