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1. Students completing a minor in another department may not double count any courses in the Political Science major aside from POLISCI 1 The Science of Politics. The department seeks to instill in its students a variety of skills and levels of knowledge that will serve them regardless of the profession they ultimately choose. Majors History The Major Program in Political Science is designed for students who wish to obtain a coherent background in Political Science, but who do not wish to take a Specialist Program in this subject. GC › Academics › History Major & Minor › History and Political Science Careers. It all depends on what you want to do with your life. You may want to consider the minor in Political Science. Political Science / Minor in Political Science Students from other disciplines who want to minor in Political Science must complete 18 semester hours as outlined below: Lower-Division Core (6 units) Students who major in our political science program with an emphasis in legal studies will take courses that: develop their critical thinking, writing, speaking and problem-solving skills in a legal context; offer them a broad range of electives dealing with the law-making process, public policy and the history of our legal system It may be particularly useful for persons preparing themselves for careers in law, teaching in the … A minimum of 13 courses are required to complete the political science major. You can major in one, and minor in the other. Political Science Major/Minor Degree Requirements Effective Fall 2017. I think the major difference is in Political Science you'll be writing a lot more things like Op-eds and policy papers. Are you interested in studying Political Science but do not want to major in it? Foundational classes in research methods and political theory will show you how to articulate, evaluate, defend, and rebut answers to the questions that political scientists ask. 1-99 Introductory Courses Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04 The department offers a 33-credit major in Political Science, an 18-credit minor in Political Science, a major and minor for students in the College of Education pursuing a teaching specialization in political science, and an accelerated (B.A./M.A.) Goshen College. 1700 South Main Street Goshen, Indiana 46526 Map & Directions I minored on psychology. Staffers use the ability of the political science major to study current political issues and assess voter reactions to a candidate's platform. Only get into poly sci if u intend to go to law school. Completion Requirements: Political Science Minor (ASMIN2015) The following requirements are effective for all students registering in the program as of March 1, 2020. It consists … International Politics. Research & Internships. You majored in political science for a reason. MINOR PROGRAM IN POLITICAL SCIENCE (ARTS) Program Requirements The Program requires the completion of 4.0 credits, including at least 2.0 credits at the C- or D-level. A minor in the Department of Political Science is particularly suited to students with a major in a related social science discipline, such as International Relations, History, Sociology, or Economics. Politics affects everything from business regulation to fights about freedom of expression . Students may substitute 3 credits with a related course in History, Sociology or Agricultural and Resource Economics. Students may choose from political science courses focused on environmental politics and policy. Police work would probably favor criminal justice and the only other thing to so with poly s i is become a teacher/ professor. The program may be of interest to students who are specializing in related fields such as Economics, History, or Sociology. T he Department offers four minor programs for students majoring in other fields. The program combines political science, economics, geography and history to examine topics such as human rights, ethnic conflict, terrorism, economic and political development and globalization, the environment, foreign and … Careers. The Major History Minor Political Science Program intends to prepare an intellectual cadre who are equipped with practical skills and a knowledge base in the discipline of history; prepare students for graduate education in history and the social sciences; prepare students to work in the education field in either the public and private sectors, civil society institutions, or Political Theory (1.0 credit): MAJOR PROGRAM IN POLITICAL SCIENCE (ARTS) Program Requirements Students must complete at least 8.0 credits in Political Science as follows: 1. Building upon the foundational teachings of the great political philosophers, our bachelor's degree in political science provides students with essential knowledge of institutions and regimes, legislation and constitutional law, and the origins of war and peace. Course Number System. The History/Political Science Department of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business offers a Major and Minor in Political Science to students in the Women's College. I studied Political Science and a good friend of mine studied History. A minor in political science is designed for students who want to improve their ability to deal intelligently and critically with issues and ideas about government and politics. Minor in Political Science . Students concentrating in Political Science should consult an advisor before considering dropping the major in order to pursue a minor in political science. Put your academic interests to the test by working on a political campaign for a candidate you'd love to see—and help—make a difference. History Minor 12 Careers for Political Science Majors . Of course, it may be of interest to students in other departments as well. Thanks for asking. 140 Science Drive 208 Gross Hall Campus Box 90204 Durham, NC 27708 T: (919) 660-4300 F: (919) 660-4330 The Department offers a Minor program which meets the Faculty requirements. Minors include History, Humanities, Political Science, and Pre-Law. Co-operative education is available when taken as part of an honours degree. The International Politics major focuses on how power operates within and between states in the international arena. Course Listings. Students pursuing a primary/secondary major may double count up to 30 units in the Political Science major. Graduates of these programs go on to pursue careers in many fields which may include but are not limited to business, government, public policy, international affairs, and law. Students generally begin the major with 200-level courses, which provide a general introduction to subfields of political science as well as background for 300-level courses. American Politics; Comparative Politics; International Relations; Political Theory Students in the minor also may choose from among a few miscellaneous courses, identified in the minor plan overview. Students who wish to complete a political science minor must take at least three of the following five courses: POS 101, POS 104, POS 203, POS 205, POS 290. History Department Newsletter. Students may choose from any of the major's other offerings to fulfill remaining credit hours, with the requirement that at least 6 hours be completed at or above the 300-level. Teacher licensure can be obtained in history with an emphasis in political science or economics for 6th through 12th grade. We feel that a minor in Political Science can be a valuable addition to any major for any student, regardless of their career paths. A student must make a grade of “C” or better in major courses. Political science seeks to describe, analyze, understand and assess the principles and power relations that govern social life. The program may be completed in one of two ways: 1. For example if you want to be a historian, than major in history, and minor in Political Science. Either way you're going to be spending a lot of time reading books and writing essays. A minor in Political Science offers students a solid grounding in the basic principles of political science, and training in more advanced coursework. Introduction to Political Science (1.0 credit): POLA01H3 Critical Issues in Politics I POLA02H3 Critical Issues in Politics II. The Department of Political Science offers a wide range of undergraduate programs that are designed for motivated students who wish to excel. ... to the Academic Regulations for information on the Honours bachelor's with double major and the Honours bachelor's with major and minor. They write press releases and help draft language for speeches. degree in Political Science. Major and Minor Overview: the Major and Minor in Political Science. For each minor below, a link is provided to a "Degree Worksheet" that specifies the exact courses required for completion of the minor. Requirements for the Minor in Political Science. The minor in Political Science provides a sound academic core for students in other social science or non-social science majors who are interested in politics. The requirements for an undergraduate Minor in Political Science can be found in the WVU Catalog. The minor assumes that the student will take 300-level course work in the fields of the introductory work. History Scholarships. This is one that is fairly easy to answer as I have known many who took this or a very similar path. Students in the Program may specialize in international relations, public service, law … Requirements Work on a political campaign. 4.0 credits above the A … 2. Political campaign staff help manage the candidate's social media imprint and organize events to gain exposure for candidates. The political science curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation and broad understanding of the discipline of political science and to allow them to specialize in areas of particular substantive interest. Political Science. The minor is a structured course of study in itself. Thread Is a History/Political Science Double Major Redundant (and other questions)? History Major & Minor. Students may apply up to 3 credits for POLS 486 Political Science Internship toward the major requirements. We offer majors in History, Humanities, and Political Science. The minor in Political Science, encompassing a total of 24 units, consists of six upper-division courses from any of four fields of concentrations. Minors offered: General Minor -- For students from any major, designed to allow students to gain some acquaintance with any parts of the field of Political Science … HIST 437 British History I; HIST 438 British History II; Students must also complete 6 hours in political science to include PSC 101 or 102 and one 300 or 400 level 3-hour PSC course, exclusive of internship hours, for a total of 36 hours. Faculty & Staff. To be honest the coursework was very similar. The PLSI Minor makes a good complement to a variety of majors ranging from History to Communications.

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