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For inspiration, read our story on how HR teams are supporting employees during COVID-19. As schools switch to hybrid learning, there are many practical and logistical aspects that schools need to address, such as ensuring students’ access to educational technology (EdTech), creating schedules that combine virtual and in-person classes, providing school lunches and transport, and managing the health and safety concerns and regulations related to COVID-19. Business survey questions are survey questions asked to gather information about internal as well as external parameters that impact business. This survey is centered around the state government lifting the ban on gatherings. --- Academic Office Below ---Academic Programs and Supports; Assessment Literacy & Research; Curriculum and Instruction; Exceptional Education; Library Media Services —Planning your reopening? How to Gather Information About Reopening the Workplace During COVID-19 . Potential employee challenges or concerns include: You can’t account for every potential concern, so consider adding an “other” option with an open text field. With the help of focused, thoughtful survey questions, schools can find out what they need to do to make reopening a success. Your responses will help us plan our strategy to reopen Passion Community Church. From temperature screenings at the door to closing down common areas, companies are implementing a few different practices to keep employees safe. With limited access to schools, daycares, or summer camps, childcare might be a major concern for working parents. According to COVID-19 regulations, the school must shut off drinking fountains. The questionnaire asks about expectations of when to begin worship services, comfort level in attending large and small groups, precautions that should be made for the entire church and specific ministry areas, and more. If only some report feeling concerned about coming to work, it might be worth looking into a partial or phased reopening plan. If COVID-19 safety measures are in place, does the parent give permission for their child to eat a provided lunch in the cafeteria? The pandemic at six months: Welcome to the disillusionment phase. COVID-19 Business Survey Part 3 - Reopening Preparation With the announcement of Pennsylvania’s phased re-opening plan , Chester County officials and economic development partners are seeking your input on how our region can prepare for gradual re-openings in a way that protects the public health and minimizes negative impacts to our economy. What is hybrid learning, and why is it all the rage? Is the child willing and able to wear PPE, such as a mask and gloves, if required by government regulations or school guidelines? From onboarding to adoption, our CX team supports your success. LifeWay Research is intentionally releasing the survey as a Word document to allow church leaders to customize it to their congregational needs and terminology. Key Survey Results To be fully prepared for reopening, it is important to understand what families are thinking and planning regarding their childcare needs. This survey was meticulously reviewed by the educational leaders of the school and informed our planning process for reopening. ... listing 10-12 questions. Presentations on all things related to 
people management. Here are six types of questions you can ask. In multiple-choice questions, there is a limited number of answers a respondent can give. Free-text responses are important, as there may be personal circumstances for a particular student that are important to know or aspects of hybrid learning that school staff hadn’t thought of. ... Click the Survey that corresponds with the language easiest for you. Ask easy to answer questions and open-ended questions. 1. Families, students and faculty are encouraged to particpate in a school reopening survey on the Elko County School District's website this week. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. October 30th Family Learning Option Survey Results by Grade. Important Reopening Survey. School Reopening: How Educational Institutions Can Reopen Safely. One way to gain this insight is by sending a survey to parents. OK Question Title * 1. There are only 7 questions … While there are several important factors to consider when reopening the workplace, not all topics are a good fit to include in a company-wide survey. This will help you understand their work situation better as some parents will be working from home in the foreseeable future. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. 14. Given the lack of significant funds from the CARES Act and other sources, the reopening process raises some real questions for districts and schools. Is the parent comfortable sending the child to school on a bus? This survey consists of 10 questions and is estimated to take four minutes to complete. Learn to live & work smarter, not harder! Parent Survey Open Response Items er Parents were encouraged to provide feedback to the follow questions: 6d. “We want this to be a tool any church of any size or means can use to gauge the feelings of the congregation and make plans accordingly,” said McConnell. These can stimulate out-of-the-box thinking and solutions. But first, a few general tips on crafting church survey questions: Keep your survey as … Does the child have access to a laptop or other computer? 1130 SW 133rd Avenue. The reopening survey saw historic participation results with 11,852 family responses and more than 2,000 staff responses. Does the student live with people who are at high medical risk? Does the child have access to a fast internet connection? If you’re thinking about reopening, be sure to ask employees these important questions first. Does the parent agree to send the child to campus with bottled water? How many times a week does the child need school bus transportation (morning and afternoon)? Each situation calls for different questions. Ask employees to share when they’d be comfortable returning to the office — whether it’s early July or January 2021. How concerned are you about sending your child to school? To reopen a survey: Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey. She lives on the dojo. The results will help you better understand where employees’ heads are at and how you might be able to address what’s troubling them. Be sure to include an option that simply states, “not until a vaccine is widely available.” While you can’t anticipate if (or when) there might be a second wave, these questions can help you decide whether it’s worth holding off on reopening until next year, like some companies are. Collect information, payments, and signatures with custom online forms. Does the parent have a preference for a specific combination of virtual and in-class learning (i.e., three days at home, two days on campus)? To be effective, school reopening surveys must ask the right questions. ‍For at-risk employees, it’s not the workplace they’re necessarily worried about — it’s getting there. There is a password you will need to enter to take the survey, which you can obtain from your parish priest, the purpose of which is to make sure only our parishioners are taking the survey and one survey per person. That’s where surveying comes in. Students, teachers, and staff have their own worries. Notably, our traditionally underrepresented family groups responded in relatively strong numbers. Does the student need/want counseling or guidance? Now it’s your turn! Your Return-to-School Survey: 31 Questions to Ask Families and Staff. Does the student come into regular contact with someone who is at high risk of exposure to the coronavirus? A good way to ensure this is by dividing the survey into sections covering the most important and relevant areas, such as home setup, parent availability, transport, school lunches, health situation, and more. Finally, the question on every HR professional’s mind. These questions are used to collect data on the product, market, customers, employees, and many more. That’s because schools are conducting school reopening surveys to find out how the community feels as the new year begins. The survey can include questions with a rated response. School Reopening Survey for 11 Additional Family Assistance For the following questions, we would like to learn about your family’s needs at this time and into the fall. Question Response Options What best describes your family’s food situation? We’re okay for food right now without support from the school district Slowly but surely, non-essential businesses are starting to put pen to paper on their reopening plans. Presentation of Survey results to the WCSD Board of Trustees July 7 2020 Reopening Survey Results Presentation.pdf 436.78 KB (Last Modified on July 14, 2020) Comments (-1) Compare notes with other professionals by joining our online community of over 8,000 HR leaders, Resources for Humans. We See Every Child Learning Every Day. What to ask on school reopening surveys. This approach makes it easier for respondents to provide clear, thoughtful answers. Ask employees which of the following arrangements they’d prefer, including: Some companies are planning to welcome back employees on a rotational basis, limiting the maximum number of people allowed onsite. Does the parent or guardian work outside the home and require child care during virtual learning times? Davie , FL 33325. The collector status works as a toggle that lets you open or close a collector when you click it. How often do you use the gym? Stressful. Google Forms automatically calculates the % of respondents who select each answer, which makes the data easier to understand. As Brett Andrews, lead pastor of New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, Virginia, says, “You don’t always have to have a goal, as long as you have a direction.” Let’s take a look. Invest in your people by turning people strategy into business strategy, Seamless integrations with your favorite software, Reviews, Goals, 1:1s, Updates, Feedback, and Praise that make continuous performance a reality, Surveys, Pulses, and eNPS to understand and act on how your employees feel about work, Competencies, Growth Plans, and Career Paths for integrated, continuous employee development, Connected, actionable people insights that lead to impact, Equip managers to lead remote teams and get insights you need to improve employee morale, Learn why 2,000+ leaders use Lattice to build a strong culture. October 5th Staff and Family Learning Option Survey Results. Together, we help each other navigate the new world of work. While some questions are best asked with an open-ended free response (Google Forms “paragraph” option) including #13-15 above, most are better asked as multiple choice questions with 3-5 options. In the United States, 66 percent of parents are concerned about their kids returning to school — and that’s just the parents. How many times a week would the parent like to receive school updates? Second, you can easily create separate surveys for different groups, such as teachers, parents, and students. There’s no question that the last few months have forced many to adjust their work habits. • The survey administration window is Wednesday, September 23, 2020 through Tuesday, September 29, 2020. If you don’t get the email, please check your spam folder. Get the pulse of our people. Send out your survey—the collector status is Open by default. There are different ways to ask customer satisfaction survey questions, and each has advantages and disadvantages. 4 tips for pivoting after-school programs during COVID-19, 111 Pine St. Suite 1815, San Francisco, CA 94111, By clicking "Create My Account" you agree our. Another advantage of digital survey forms is the ability to send and receive them online, in a completely contactless way, with all the response data consolidated and accessible in one place. You should get the password reset instructions via email soon. 7h. If you need more help, please contact our support team. You’ll gain a better sense of what’s still troubling your team about remote work — and how you can potentially help. Does the family require assistance in obtaining or maintaining equipment in order for their child to learn at home? Use whatever works best in your context: When is the soonest you would consider coming back to the church building? Some decisions are best left to experts and some topics are best addressed in one-on-one conversations. This is Jenny – showing us that she just completed the survey. Customizable resources to help you drive adoption of Lattice. 10,000+ HR professionals ask questions and share advice, Help build engaged, high-performing teams. While some employees might be comfortable returning to work, they might not want to commit to the usual five days per week. Give employees a range of options to choose from that your team can actually execute on. Second Survey Regarding Reopening Schools June 29, 2020 From June 15th-23rd, PFT members were surveyed for a second time regarding their insight into a variety of reopening models. To get a sense of what you want to see, and your thoughts on us re-opening (when safe to do so), we ask that you take a short SURVEY for us. A good survey question is asked in a precise way at the right stage in the buyer’s journey to give you solid data about your customers’ needs and drives. Best ideas for school reopening survey questions, 66 percent of parents are concerned about their kids returning to school. Does the parent agree to contact the teacher via digital request form if any issues arise with their child (learning, emotional, or other)? Learn more on how to write business survey questions to conduct effective business research. Teacher, sister, mother and ass-kicker. Important Links. Ask them what it is, exactly, that they miss about working in the office. To be effective, school reopening surveys must ask the right questions. how HR teams are supporting employees during COVID-19, Being exposed to COVID-19 while commuting. This will be a confidential survey so our staff can get a pulse as we navigate how to move forward in the days ahead. Katelin Holloway talks with CEOs and other c-level leaders about how being 
a "people first" company. Does the parent believe the child is capable of maintaining social distance while on campus? Is your school or district seeking input from families, teachers, and staff with a return-to-school survey? Reopening Survey Details. SURVEY RESULTS. To help with the process, LifeWay Research has developed and made available a free survey church leaders can send to everyone in their congregation. A good way to ensure this is by dividing the survey into sections covering the most important and relevant areas, such as home setup, parent availability, transport, school lunches, health situation, and more. Phone: 754-323-5700. Reopening Survey - Passion Community Church Take a moment to answer all of the questions below. Does the child have transportation to school for on-campus days? Can the parent help educate the child to socially distance and wear a mask (if required by law) when on the school bus? Others might be worried about productivity. Ask your people when they would feel safe to return, their attitude towards volunteering and family ministry, and what precautions they would want to see in place. ‍There are plenty of reasons why employees might be hesitant about returning — and they don’t necessarily all relate to getting sick. 17 Pulse Survey questions to ask your employees before reopening the office — 4 min read Offices are cautiously starting to reopen and HR leaders need to help their people adapt to the 'new normal'. The data represents a snapshot in time and this survey represents just one data source. The 2020-21 school year is fast approaching. Do you expect the church to provide you a mask? READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. How satisfied were you with the quality of virtual classes during the spring shutdown. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates. With a COVID-19 vaccine likely unavailable until the end of the year (at the earliest), companies may need to weigh whether it’s worth reopening their physical workplace before then. Here are the best ideas by category for school reopening survey questions to get the feedback you need. You can reopen a survey at any time in the Collect Responses section of your survey. What’s one word that describes school reopening during COVID-19? Web survey powered by Multiple-choice questions. Please describe any other reopening option(s) you would consider for your child(ren) that may not be listed above. June 30th Reopening Survey: Table. That’s especially true in major cities like San Francisco and New York City, where commuters rely primarily on mass transit. Reopening a Survey. Is the parent able and willing to check the child’s temperature every morning before school and complete a self-declaration of health form on behalf of the child? In Part 1, members were presented 3 separate scenarios regarding 8 QUESTIONS YOUR CHURCH NEEDS TO ASK BEFORE REOPENING. Interviews with industry leaders on 
how to approach people operations 
challenges. An example of a free-text prompt is “Please provide any other information that could help us deliver the best educational experience for your child.”. However, it’s much more beneficial if you can find out exactly what they’re concerned about — lack of social distancing on the school bus, for example — or which aspect of hybrid learning they are struggling with — such as a child with ADD who can’t keep up. If more than one child lives in the home, are there enough computers for all? Leah Ewall-Wice. Please be as thorough as possible. Though local governments and business owners may have the final say on reopening, it would be a mistake not to solicit employees’ input on the who, what, where, and when.That’s where surveying comes in. Reopening Survey Thank you for how you continue to support and participate in the life of Focus Church. Would you come if we had a drive-in service? Is the parent willing to communicate with teachers and school staff online, and is the parent capable of maintaining online communication? An individual survey must be completed for each student in their home. Ask about your employees’ commutes to assess just how much of a leap it would be to welcome employees back onsite. iPRO Gym reopening - customer survey Question Title * 1. A survey is a great way to do this. Some employees might still be struggling with the change. • Parents/caregivers must log on to their children’s single sign on Launch Pad and complete the Reopening Survey. Answer the two questions and then submit your survey by clicking Click Here to Save your Questionnaire; Flamingo Elementary. Learn how to take advantage of everything Lattice has to offer. June 30th Reopening Survey: Presentation Deck. It is increasingly clear that reopening schools this fall in some form or fashion is likely for many parts of our nation. Some employees have had a hard time adapting to remote work, so it’s tempting to assume they’re secretly clamoring to come back. Does the parent agree to send the child to school in pods (small groups of students who only come into contact with each other)? There are several advantages to using a digital school reopening survey template. It also makes it easier to compile and assess the results when the survey is complete. 6 ways to lead people through crisis. If the school enforces strict social distancing protocols, would the parent consider sending the child to school full time? Without any coding, you can quickly add questions, form fields, rating scales and input tables, images, and more to better assist you in receiving the most helpful feedback possible. Here are a couple of examples: These answers are easy to collate into actionable data, and they provide a valuable gauge of the general mood on various issues. STATES ARE REOPENING, SHOULD THE CHURCH? Knowing how parents are feeling about school reopening is helpful. Provide them with a few examples, including: Keep in mind that this information is valuable even if reopening isn’t in your immediate future. Educational resources for people teams, managers and employees, Read best practices on everything related to people management, Dive deep on people management best practices. Get our top articles delivered straight to your inbox each week. Advice and answers from the Lattice Team. Does the child need school bus transportation? October 30th Family Learning Option Survey Results by School and Grade If you’re considering that kind of approach, this question can help inform your next steps. Does the student have any emotional/social difficulties during this period that may make school attendance difficult? Today, we’re happy to share our most current answers to your most pressing questions in this document. With the help of school reopening surveys, administrators can accurately gauge the situation on the ground and plan according to the needs of their school. But it’s not just about the mood. Though local governments and business owners may have the final say on reopening, it would be a mistake not to solicit employees’ input on the who, what, where, and when. Please share any other important factor(s) you are considering as part of your decision that are not listed above. Does the parent or guardian require any extra assistance in order to support their child in virtual learning?

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