restaurant facebook ads case study

[Case Study] Restaurant Chatbots: How One Pizza Place Generated $16K In 4 Months. The resulting campaign exceeded Toyota’s wildest expectations. Whether you’re a small business or global brand, you’ll learn how others achieved real results with Facebook marketing. But narrow audience doesn’t mean it has to be small, rather an ideal size ( in between narrow and broad). Wondering if chatbots can be used by a restaurant? Post Planner Facebook ad, with experimental ad copy. This case study came from Wahida Lakhani, one of the students of Claire Pelletreau from her Ad Consultant Incubator program. They are probably surfing Facebook to see what their friends are doing, following up with family and socializing but not to view ads. So where possible try to use a personal looking photo of you or your employees, instead of stock photos. Lesson Learned # 20 – Sometimes the simplest of thing are most effective. So when he showed the sales ads to his existing audience, a high relevance score for imminent as these people already knew him. They’d started working with a digital marketing company called Local Search Masters on a two-part advertising campaign. Starbucks – Case Study for Facebook Groups The first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte was sold in a test campaign in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, and Washington, D.C. in 2003. They will be more inclined to engage with your Facebook Ads if it’s not asking for their credit card but rather giving some value without any cost to them. Each café had the opportunity to “opt-in” to the program, deciding how much they wanted to invest (based on cost & reach estimates provided by Cardinal to the field marketing team up front). Check the likes counter below the post. 8X return on ad spend. Philip Kleudgen, a web development, and marketing specialist for restaurant owners, shares his experience of how he started off with Facebook Ads … And the third was custom audience he created using the native+ advanced targeting features of Facebook. Lesson Learned # 38 – Create multiple funnels and objectives from different ad sets and landing pages. The above content marketing case studies show why success in digital marketing is directly proportional to the ability to create engaging content. Try video ads too. Facebook ads. Hundreds of thousands of businesses use its daily traffic and leads. MobileMonkey customer Summit Academy OIC used Facebook Messenger ads to connect to new prospective students. As a marketer, you need to make sure you’re putting the ingredients together to create an ad that gets the job done, and strong copywriting is an essential part of a good Facebook ad. Making the most of the public’s penchant for pictures is Arizona-based bicycle manufacturer State Bicycle Co., who create beautiful visual content for their followers to ogle. Once you have subscribers in your funnel, nurture them with you offer ads. Facebook Marketing Partner CitizenNet helped execute the campaign. Facebook Ads are far cheaper than the legacy advertising solutions (newspaper, tv, etc. See how businesses succeed in growing by using ads in stories. And he did exactly just that- zoomed in on funded startups that might be in need of app development. Brian created a lookalike audience from his existing email subscribers that brought in $1546 in revenue from $895 in ad spend. In an attempt to work with more students without having to leave her house to do it, Deany Judd took a traditional … Between social media and mobile display inventory, the campaigns generated more than 17MM impressions with an average CTR of .23 percent. Share. Lesson Learned # 7 – If you want to test the Facebook Ads waters or generate buzz for your product, a small budget can also do good for you. Lesson Learned # 15 – Fine tune your advertising to narrow down to your targeted audience as much as possible. Home; How it Works; Pricing; Tools; Resources Learning & Support; Success Stories Contact Us; 1-844-201-2399 * * Phone support available Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm ET Sign in Call us Start now. Wasn’t tracking conversions correctly due to missing or improper configuration. Mary Fernandez shows how she gained new blog subscribers for just $0.43 each using video ads. As we saw from earlier case studies, narrowing down on your target audience is much more beneficial than broadening it. Prospects who aren’t ready to buy – or who are “sitting on the fence” – tend to be resistant to even well-crafted marketing messages.

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